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Perceptions: Social Skills for Teens

Perceptions are a social skill that teens (and let's face it, everyone) need to learn to survive in their brutal social landscape! I've been trying to weave some of these concepts into our conversations.

When we have an awareness or a sense of something, even if we can’t put your finger on it, we are using our powers of perception.

There are both conscious and unconscious human perceptions. Did you know there are 57 different human perceptions? They are things such as:

1. all of the senses

2. time

3. relative size

4. states of awareness

5. body positioning

6. emotional states of self and others

7. heartbeats/breathing

8. the state of being hot/cold

9. appetite

10. imagination

For the ladies, I'm talking about the three things we need to be able to do with perceptions in order to survive and navigate our world successfully. We need to develop and maintain

1. Insight

2. Hindsight

3. Foresight

Insight tells us what is happening right now (which may keep us alive literally and figuratively).

Hindsight requires us to use our mental reference books, or google search, and ask ourselves, how did it work? It guides us into foresight.

Foresight is the ability to project into the future using the history, or what we already know about the subject.

Unfortunately, these require human interaction, not phone interaction! So, teenagers of the socially connected world, look up from your phone and ask yourself these questions:

1. What did you notice last time?

2. What does your inner voice tell you?

3. How do you think _____ will respond? What did they do last time?

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