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An Encouragement Manifesto

I have decided to create an encouragement manifesto for women this year instead of a New Year's Resolution. It's time to commit to the mental and physical health of our sisters in this journey of life, because at the end of the day, it's all that matters.

What would happen if we collectively made a promise to women and for women? What if we made a promise to encourage and support, to invest in the future for women and their families?

Well, I am, and here it.

My Encouragement Manifesto.

I promise to encourage women to do great things, to seek extraordinary in the ordinary.

I promise to encourage women to make a difference for themselves and for others.

I promise to encourage women to follow their passion and take positive action.

I promise to encourage a collaborative environment where women can learn from each other.

And this little excerpt was taken from a podcast episode of FarmHER ( a wonderful project by the way), in an interview about women who help other women in farming.

"If I can give a lady the self confidence and skills that she needs to succeed and to keep her from selling her farm because it's not her natural career, then I have succeeded."

So ladies, If I can give a woman the confidence and skills she needs to succeed in life, to provide for her family, and take positive action for the greater good, then I have succeeded.


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