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My Life In A Cup of Coffee

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

My life begins each morning with my cup of coffee.

It has become my grounding ritual so to speak. I can set the tone for the rest of my day in that half an hour. Let me show you how.

It all begins with silence. I get up about a half hour before the rest of the crew.

I have a tiny espresso percolator, a can of imported coffee from Italy that is amazing, and my coffee cups. I measure out my water, tap in the scoop of espresso, and turn on the flame on the stove and put that baby on.

Then I pick out my cup, and this is where the daily magic happens. I have a lovely collection of cups that each have a memory attached: sometimes words, sometimes pictures. My favorite cup at the moment says, "Enjoy the Journey."

My cup of coffee sets the tone for the day. It's not the caffeine, although that makes me feel pretty functional. It's actually the cup that makes the difference.

One day I found a pretty cup that simply read, "She believed she could and so she did." No frills, flowers or bright colors. I liked that. So my began to stare at those words every morning while drinking my coffee, and strangely enough I began to think, "hey, maybe I can do this."

Those words on the coffee cup inspired or soothed me every morning, and I became deliberate in my choice, and my cup collection grew. Anxious? Got that covered. Need strength? Done. Kids driving me crazy? I've got one for that too.

I want to share this with you, this grounding effect that meditating on words can have for your soul. I hope they inspire you too.

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