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Capture the Day

How do you capture the day when you may or may not want to get out of bed? Grief, depression, or a chronic bad life situation can suck the life out of you, and for good reason! Regardless of how you feel, there is an entire new day waiting for you, and believe it or not, taking a few minutes to be deliberate in embracing it can change the tone for the rest of the day.

You need a journal or your computer, a weekly or daily planner, and your cup of coffee. These are listed in order by how I complete them, and how long I spend on them. It doesn't have to be along involved process.

You may need to rearrange them for your life. The one thing you need to do is find a moment of silence in which to complete them.

Pray or Meditate (2-5 minutes)

It doesn't matter if you are a religious person or not; prayer or meditation works. It doesn't need to be fancy. For a long time I repeated two words over and over throughout the day, starting with the moment I realized I was awake. It will quiet the mind and give you focus. There are lots of apps to help you with this, but I just want to tell you this:

An acknowledgement to a higher power will change your frame of mind.

Let the sunlight in (1 minute)

This one is a no brainer. Neuroscience has shown that early morning sunlight signals the "time to wake up" chemicals in the brain. Staying in a dark room encourages the hibernation feeling. Burning your eyes with sunlight will help you set your day (and your sleep cycle).

Start your coffee here!

Journal (5 minutes)

You can use a pen and paper journal or a software program, but take a few minutes to just write. I think of it as vomiting on paper. I take a few minutes to pour out whatever is in my mind. I try not to think about what I'm writing. I use these few minutes as a stream of consciousness exercise. If this doesn't happen in the morning, then it happens right before bedtime. Either way, it pulls those emotions out of my mind and puts them on to paper, and when I'm done, I feel better.

Pour that cup of coffee here!

Daily Planning (5-15 minutes)

Review your day. I keep sticky notes with grocery lists and other things I need to get done, and this is when I gather them up and plug them into my planner. That becomes my guide for the day. When the list is done, I am done. My day is complete, and I'll call it a success.

See Where You Can Be Positive (2 minutes)

When you review your day, find a way to give back, be of service, or be encouraging to someone else today. Why?? Because doing something for someone else FORCES you out of your shell. It may be the thing that pulls you out of the quicksand, even temporarily.

You CAN capture your day. You CAN set the tone. You CAN do this!

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